12 Vietnamese moved from Nalgonda to Hyderabad amidst Coronavirus scare

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  20 March 2020 10:31 AM GMT
12 Vietnamese moved from Nalgonda to Hyderabad amidst Coronavirus scare

Hyderabad: Twelve Vietnamese preachers, who had arrived in Nalgonda for religious services, were admitted to Fever Hospital, Hyderabad, on Friday as a precautionary measure.

The 12 Vietnamese nationals, who had come to Nalgonda had travelled from Delhi to Hyderabad via train.

Superintendent of Police, Nalgonda, A Venkata Ranganath, told NewsMeter that none of the 12 people had shown any symptoms of COVID-19.

"Though none of them have coronavirus like symptoms, we have admitted them to Fever Hospital as a precautionary measure. They had visited around four mosques in Town area in Nalgonda, which are being sanitized," he said

According to sources, 12 Vietnamese nationals had landed in Delhi on March 4, where they were screened and found negative.

Four days later, on March 8, they had boarded Hazrat Nizamuddin train from Delhi to Nampally. After reaching Hyderabad, they set out to Nalgonda in two private cars.

The police officer said 12 Vietnamese nationals were accompanied by two guides, who were from Kerala and Maharashtra respectively. The window period of 14 days, for the virus to show its symptoms, is also over in the case of the Vietnamese nationals.

"All the Vietnamese nationals are religious leaders who had visited Nalgonda for preaching. Four mosques they visited in the town area are being closed for sanitizing. We have also asked the religious leaders of the place to kindly avoid congregations in the wake of coronavirus. They have all agreed as well," he said.

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