70 Indian tourists stranded in Bali, 5 from Hyderabad

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  8 April 2020 3:34 PM GMT
70 Indian tourists stranded in Bali, 5 from Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Around 70 Indian tourists have been trapped in Indonesia’s Bali after the country closed its borders to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. Among them are 12 people from the two Telugu states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, including five from Hyderabad, five from Vijayawada, and two from Tirupati. The stranded tourists also include people from Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, and Gujarat.

Pavan, one of the tourists from Hyderabad, said, “We, a group of five people, came to Bali on a 10-day vacation. We were supposed to return on 17 March but our tickets were cancelled. Now the hotels here are asking us to vacate and we don’t have any money left. Transferring money from India to our accounts is also not possible. The owner of an Indian restaurant, New Delhi Indian Restaurant, in Bali has formed a WhatsApp group for Indian tourists stuck in Bali. He is making sure we are provided with breakfast and lunch every day.”

Venkatesh from Vijayawada who is also stranded with four of his friends said, “There are tourists from around India who are stuck here due to the lockdown. Bali is not an expensive place, so all of us came here with a limited budget. No one anticipated our stay would extend to more than a month. When our first flight was cancelled we booked another flight which cost more but we hoped we would at least reach home. We lost our money on both the tickets."

A group of tourists from Gujarat are also in a similar state. The tickets they booked for 19 and 27 March were cancelled. They said the team is running out of money and are currently surviving on fruits and lunch provided by Indian restaurants.

Another man from Maharashtra said, “We are running out of resources. There is no possibility of transferring money through Western Union from India because of the lockdown. We don’t have any monetary support. We request the Indian government to rescue us like other countries that rescued their citizens who had come to Bali.”

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