71% of India's COVID-19 deaths are men; COVID mortality rate 4.7% for men globally

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  7 April 2020 12:34 PM GMT
71% of Indias COVID-19 deaths are men; COVID mortality rate 4.7%  for men globally


  • Corona virus mortality rate 4.7% for men, 2.8% for women globally

Hyderabad: According to a report, 71 per cent of the total COVID-19 deaths in India are men, and 29 per cent women. In the US, however, it is different where the number of women infected by the virus is more compared to the men, while the number of men who die of Corona virus is higher.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the mortality rate in men is 4.8 per cent while the mortality rate in women is 2.8 per cent around the world. The main reason behind this is the immunity rate to sustain the virus, said experts, which is stronger in women. The genetic structure is also an important factor. In China, the mortality rate of both men and women was the same at the beginning of the outbreak. But the mortality rate of men increased later.

Meanwhile in Italy, the mortality rate of men was double that of the women till 20 March. According to the public health data, 60 per cent of the total positive cases were men and 40 per cent was women, while 70 per cent of those who died were men and 30 per cent women. The percentage of women who recovered from the virus was also higher. Women are more capable of sustaining the virus and they also have the stability to control its regeneration due to their genetic structure, said experts.

A microbiologist from John Hopkins University said women sustain the virus better because of the two X chromosomes. This works as a double dosage and increases their immunity. A person's sex hormones also come into play when fighting the infection. Based on research done on influenza, a woman's body has a hyper response to the virus. Especially in the lungs, the chemicals act as a shield and fight the virus. If the virus enters a woman's body, it does not get converted to the next level. Research done on birds showed a female bird has more anti-body levels when compared to the male birds, which was disclosed during the intercourse. Experts also said that hormones play a vital role in fighting the virus and with age, the production of hormones decreases thereby increasing the chances of infection.

A Kent varsity epidemiologist said that with regard to Corona virus, women have been better in maintaining social distancing. The WHO has said that in America the average lifespan of men is five years less than that of women. The epidemiologist said this could be the reason why more men are dying of Corona virus.

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