A man rescues a puppy in Syria after US Attack, tweeple pour in their appreciation


  • Fared Alhor roamed around in his motorcycle for four hours to find a secure place for the puppy

Hyderabad: The world saw Donald Trump’s tweet declassifying a Belgian Malinois, the dog who sniffed ISIS chief Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi. He said that the canine did a “great job” in capturing and killing the ISIS chief.

However, many missed an appealing picture of a puppy tweeted by Fared Alhor. The latter, who described himself as a Syrian media activist and photographer, found a puppy, which was left alone after his mother’s death during the US attack in Barisha village in Idlib.

After this tweet, Alhor posted a series of tweets on how he is trying to rescue the puppy. In his final tweet, he says, “The mission is over after about four hours on the motorcycle. I went to the site and took the little dog to a safe place with young dogs and their mother. He is very happy with his new family.”

His kind gesture gathered the attention of many, as tweeples from different parts of the world poured in their appreciation. Now his tweet has around 640 likes and 122 retweets.

Aiswarya Sriram

Aiswarya Sriram

Aiswarya Sriram is a budding multimedia journalist, graduated from IIJNM. She has written stories for The Logical Indian and has interned with Republic TV.

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