Hyderabad: Nayanthara’s exponential growth from being an actress to the Lady Superstar of South cinema is an inspiring tale to many aspiring talents who want to make it big in the industry. The actress made her debut in Malayalam with Manassinakkare, which released in 2003. Those who have been following her career know that she has changed her name from Diana Mariam Kurian to Nayanthara. Nearly fifteen years, two Malayalam directors are fighting over who chose the name Nayanthara for her. Their public spat on Facebook has raised a lot of eyebrows among the audience.

Malayalam director John Ditto claimed that it was he who chose the name Nayanthara for her. Now, the Manassinakkare director Sathyan Anthikad took to Facebook and wrote, “It was director Ranjan Pramod and me who had suggested the name Nayanthara. I even don’t know who this John Ditto is (sic)” Sathyan also added that he never thought this conversation would crop up today.

He further added, “I never thought that there would be a need for an argument or claim over this matter. One morning, while the shoot of ‘Manassinakkare’ was going on, Ranjan Pramod and I made a list of names after a lot of thinking. We gave that list to Nayanthara; she picked the name that she liked most.”

Nayanthara is always known for her exclusivity and keeps her away from the prying eyes of media. It is safe to say that she wouldn’t react to this controversy surrounding her name. On the work front, the actress is flying high with the kind of films that she has been doing, especially after her comeback. The actress has wrapped up the shooting of two films namely, Milind Rau’s Netrikann and RJ Balaji and NJ Saravanan’s Mookuthi Amman, which are at the post-production stage.

Pranita Jonnalagedda

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One comment on "Absurd! Directors fight over Nayanthara’s name"

  • I used to watch films first show on first day of release in 60s and 70s. Later I stopped watching them in theatres as I was out of the country. When I was young, I along with my father and brother used to visit Tirumala every year. On one occasion when we were in a theatre watching the movie in Tirupathi, Chalam and Sarada in beautiful flawless white suit and sari entered the theatre [their film was running in that theatre!] after getting married in Tirumala. They look like real hero and heroine. Now we don’t find such magnificent actors but most of them are entering through back door & with money power. Now a day, a great hero means he must kill at least hundreds of people. Some of the actors were successful with music scores from famous singers.

    I considered late shri. S. V. Ranga Rao, late Shri. Nagabhushanam, late Shri. Chalam from Telugu film field, and late Shri. Sanjeev Kumar from Hindi film field are the “NATURAL ACTORS”. We have seen the real difference [natural action and artificial action] when SVR and NTR played the same characters. The former’s action was magnificent over the later. Nagabhushanam’s magnificent action in a film [I don’t remember the name] wherein he turned from freedom fighter role to amassing the wealth as modern politician role – at the end burning of the money. A Hindi film acted by Amitab, Anand was considered great movie. Earlier to that Chalam played a role of patient. I don’t remember the name of the film but the scene wherein Chalam was under the table and the Doctor [Savitri] was telling to the nurse about his health condition that he is going to die in few days. You get tears to watch his action on hearing his death. Even with that he never expressed to others who in fact give him beedi. Yet this film was not successful at theatre like Anand as no PR.

    The basic question is who puts the label “Nayantara a Lady Superstar of South Cinema”. It is really denigrating other actresses! A TV ad shows a top rated hero lying flat with legs apart on the table, heroin comes running lying on him. This type of propaganda helps to fetch more prices for acting. Recently vested groups brought in a 17 year old Swedish girl, Greta Thunberg to canvas for climate change, who in fact has no knowledge on the subject “science of climate change” except on global warming that too what she was briefed by her promoters with vested interests. Now they are promoting for Nobel Prize. Here media & PR groups play vital role. In the past also IPCC & Al Gore also got Nobel Prize jointly. After receiving the award they withdrew their main conclusions on which they received the award from their reports after apologising, which we questioned them even before they received the award. Similarly, PR & Propaganda plays major role in film field. Even poor quality – awkward looking actors get good ratings. Majority of serials telecast on Zee-TV are horrible to watch. You can see this [more horrible] Rakthasambhandam a lady character [appears to be the producer also???] it is an insult to women-hood. This is so with many of the serials too with full of lady characters showing them in bad. Unfortunately nobody questions them as it appears that no censor board cuts on TV serials. It creates mental agony to people watching them. Initial stages they show good to watch but as time moves with no story to tell but to continue for years they create mental agony to watchers.

    Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy

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