Amrutha fears for mother's life, says uncle threat to family

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  9 March 2020 2:23 PM GMT
Amrutha fears for mothers life, says uncle threat to family

Hyderabad: After she was prevented from attending her father’s final rites, Amrutha expressed her suspicions about her uncle Sravan and said he could be a threat to her mother. Even before her husband Pranay was murdered, there were differences in their family over business issues and property share. “I heard that once my uncle had even assaulted my father. My family always felt threatened by him. Now that my father is dead, my mother is not safe at home,” Amrutha said, adding she can take care of her mother provided she comes to her.

Amrutha's father Maruthi Rao committed suicide in Khairatabad on 7 March. He was accused of murdering his son-in-law Perumalla Pranay Kumar who was hacked to death in broad daylight on 14 September 2018. Maruthi Rao was reportedly unhappy with their marriage because Pranay was a Dalit.

Amrutha said she was mentally strong even when her husband was brutally murdered by her father and his men and said she can be strong even now. On 9 March, she was not allowed inside the Smashana Vatika for her father's final rites. Amrutha alleged that her uncle's daughter had pushed her away. She also said that her father owns some properties on benami names and the details have to be verified. She said her father was a strong man who would not commit suicide and suspected foul play behind the alleged suicide.

Meanwhile, her uncle Sravan came down heavily on her and said she is making a scene to claim the property. After Pranay’s murder, she had said she would kill her father if she came face to face with him. He alleged that Amrutha had demanded that her father be hanged to death. Now after his death, she is making baseless comments, he said.

After Maruthi Rao's funeral, Mr Sravan spoke to the press and said there were no differences between him and his brother but they had fought over Amrutha’s marriage with Pranay. He said Amrutha was waiting for her father’s death and now she is expressing fake love for her father to claim his property. So many families have been devastated because of Amrutha's foolish decision, he said, adding if she had thought for a moment, the situation would have been different. “My brother did not take anything with him and I will not take anything with me, too. I am ready for any punishment from the court,” he said.

Reacting to Amrutha’s allegations of him being a threat to her mother, Mr Sravan said she approached the police when he sought a compromise and said she can do the same if she feels threatened by him. He further said he had no differences with his brother and he was ready to pay any debts on his brother’s behalf. “We are financially strong and I am ready to clear any dues my brother had,” he said.

Mr Sravan said his brother would have given his life for his daughter but she was foolish to lose him. “For him, his daughter, his family was everything. But she was rude to all of them. She did not come to meet her mother after her father’s death and now she is making these allegations to get attention. She is an immature and foolish girl,” he said.

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