• Andhra’s Lammasingi temperature drops drastically; tourists find it pleasant while residents suffer

Visakhapatnam: While the Centre has imposed restrictions in Kashmir after the abrogation of Article 370, tourists can find an alternative in Lammasingi, otherwise known as Andhra Pradesh’s Kashmir.

On Wednesday, Lammasingi, Tajangi, Minumuluru and few areas in Vizag Agency on Wednesday recorded the lowest temperature of the season. The mercury dipped to around 7 degrees Celsius, and it is expected to drop further to 4 degrees Celsius by November. The early morning dense fog affected the vehicular traffic, and the locals were forced to stay in indoors.

The experts at the Regional Agricultural Research Station (RARS) at Chintapalli officially record the temperature in the area. They calculate the temperature of surrounding areas — Lammasingi and others — by deducting 1 to 2 degree Celsius from Chintapalli’s temperature.

On Wednesday, Chintapalli temperature of dropped to 8.5 degrees Celsius and the temperature in Lammasingi is around 7 degrees Celsius, the RARS officials noted.

Chintapalli is located about 850 metres above the sea level and Lammasingi and Minumuluru are located about 950 meters above the sea level. As Lammasingi is on a higher ground than Chintapalli, the former is colder than the latter.

With the temperature in Lammasingi dropping to six degree Celsius during the night, residents are feeling the brunt of the cold. The tourists are expecting that the temperature might drop further in the coming days.

The locals preferred to stay indoors while tourists are seen huddling around bonfires during the morning to keep themselves warm. Even before December, cold weather has prevailed in many parts of Vizag Agency.

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