Amaravati: The Andhra Pradesh Decentralisation and Inclusive Development of all Regions Bill 2020, that aims at  creation of three capital cities was tabled in the Assembly amidst massive protest that broke out in various districts of the state. 

On Monday, the state of Andhra Pradesh was on a boil. Women, youth, farmers took to the roads protesting against the shifting of the capital. TDP MP Galla Jayadev and scores were detained for staging a protest. 

While passing  the Bill, Finance Minister Buggana Rajendernath explained , the Bill proposes to have a Legislative Capital at Amaravati Executive Capital at Visakhapatnam and Judicial Capital at Kurnool .

The decision is a result of  consideration of facts ,  recommendations of various Committees and consultation of the people, the minister added. Committees, including Sivaramakrishnan , had  voted for decentralisation of development however keeping in mind  not to take any steps to harm the ecological balance of the State.

Decentralisation is a concept which was advocated in 1937 itself by the Sri Bagh pact which is reflecting in the decentralisation development which is the spirit of the Bill.

“It is sad to see Andhra Pradesh in drought conditions even after 72 years of Independence ,” said Minister for Agriculture Kurasala Kannababu during Assembly proceedings on Monday. He further said that Chandrababu Naidu is  responsible for the poor condition of the State economy and the plight of Amaravati farmers.

“Even after pooling 33,000 acres land from the farmers for capital  development , Naidu disappointed  the farmers. Undeveloped regions  have seen  inequality in development during Naidu’s regime. Rayalaseema and North Andhra regions have been in an extremely backward category. Keeping in mind the development of these regions , Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy  has proposed decentralisation, said the Finance Minister. 

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One comment on "AP Assembly passes Decentralisation Bill for creation of 3 Capital cities"

  • Final Curtain Raiser Over for the New Andhra Pradesh Capital
    • Visakhapatnam was formalised as Andhra Pradesh Capital on 20th January 2020 as Chief Minister announced in the earlier Assembly Session;
    • Both Chandrababu & Jagan used the Justice Sivaramakrishna Committee but decided as per real estate needs of the respective parties;
    • To meet their selfish needs/to meet their political egos both are wasted/wasting public money like water – now only polluted water is available;
    • If YSRCP is really not interested in real estate capital, Why not build the Capital away from Amaravati in dry areas to avoid environmental problems associated with Amaravati? Why I said this is: in Amaravati or in Visakhapatnam TDP has more real estate ventures;
    • Chandrababu used political committee headed by Narayana the them Minister to formalise Amaravati as Andhra Pradesh Capital as pre-determined to meet their real estate needs at the cost of environment;
    • Jagan used two bogus committees and political committee headed by a minister to announce Visakhapatnam as Andhra Pradesh Capital as pre-determined to meet their real estate needs at the cost of environment and harming dry Greater Rayalaseema people [not rich politicians] in terms of employment and other benefits – four regional centres will do little in this direction;
    • To eyewash the people of Kurnool and Amaravati, they brought in (i) three capitals concept and (ii) de-centralization concept. More than 90% of the power will be concentrated in Visakhapatnam – visits of dignitaries, etc. and functions like celebration of national and state will be celebrated at Visakhapatnam and not at Kurnool or Amaravati;
    • Whatever may be “the seat of power is in Visakhapatnam”. We can see in Hyderabad the Assembly and High Court and Secretariat-CM’s Camp Office-Governor’s Bungalow, etc. No power politics are seen in assembly or high court;
    • Also, present government is looking at vote-bank politics and not on development – this is clear from the last seven months;
    • People must demand developmental activities and not vote-bank politics-fee-bees to benefit children and grand-children.
    Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy

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