AP man wraps woman's body in a blanket, dumps it at Bansilalpet

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  10 Sep 2020 3:38 PM GMT
AP man wraps womans body in a blanket, dumps it at Bansilalpet

Hyderabad: The 72-hour manhunt to find the killer who had murdered a woman and dumped her body at Bansilalpet railway bridge ended on 10 September with the arrest of a man from Andhra Pradesh.

On the morning of 8 September, local residents of Bansilalpet had discovered the decomposed body of a woman under the railway bridge. Three days later, the Market police arrested Mangamuri Venkata Chennaiah, a resident of Prakasham district, who confessed to the murder of 40-year-old Bhoolakshmi.

In February this year, Chennaiah came to Hyderabad looking for employment. He found work as a labourer at construction sites and also found a place to stay at Parvathapuram in Uppal. Around the same time, he reportedly met the victim who he found sitting alone at Uppal bus stop. The woman moved into his home.

Later, the man moved to Ghansmandi in Secunderabad, leaving her behind. In August, she went to his place of employment and stole Rs. 5,000 from Chennaiah. A few days later, she again moved into his house at Ghansmandi. Last Sunday, the woman stole Rs. 1,200 from the man and purchased alcohol. She came home intoxicated and returned the change, Rs. 500, to Chennaiah which led to a quarrel.

On the same day the accused hatched a plan to eliminate her. He got her completely drunk and kicked her brutally, as a result of which she fell down from the cot and the accused stood on her chest. She died of suffocation. The next day he woke up to find her dead, the accused concealed the body beneath the cot and moved freely to avoid suspicion duly locking the room. The market police booked a case for murder against the man.

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