Hyderabad: A group of Bajrang Dal activists was detained after they attacked film critic Kathi Mahesh’s vehicle outside Prasad’s Imax on 14 February. Mahesh had just walked out of the theatre after watching Vijay Devarakonda’s World Famous Lover when the incident took place.
It may be recalled that Mahesh had been involved in a controversy recently for his comments about Lord Rama.

A group of youngsters arrived at Prasad’s on motorbikes, holding saffron flags, and raising slogans. When they saw Mahesh walk out of the theatre, they charged towards him. When Mahesh entered his car, the men attacked his vehicle and damaged the window panes. Further, they raised slogans demanding strict action against him.

Mahesh has landed in a controversy for his remarks about Lord Rama. In a video that is now going viral, Mahesh had said that Lord Rama used to enjoy the company of several women in his Antahpuram (royal palace) of Ayodhya. His comments had raised the eyebrows of many netizens who had demanded action against the film critic for disturbing religious harmony and hurting the sentiments of the devotees of Lord Rama.
Mahesh made these comments while addressing the Bahujana Sahitya Jatara in Hyderabad. Devotees and Hindu organizations have demanded that a case be filed against him. Subsequently, two cases were registered by the Hyderabad police’s cybercrime wing under several sections of the IPC.

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