Barkha Dutt decodes JNU attack; results lead to Jio number from Northeast.

By Amritha Mohan  Published on  6 Jan 2020 9:12 AM GMT
Barkha Dutt decodes JNU attack; results lead to Jio number from Northeast.

Hyderabad: Was the violence against JNU students orchestrated? Certain posts on social media from authentic sources claim so.

In a tweet that has been going viral on Twitter, journalist Barkha Dutt had gained access to screenshots taken down from a WhatsApp group, named 'Unity Against Left' which had allegedly orchestrated the violence against the JNU students.

In the WhatsApp screenshot, a user named Anand is found saying, "People in support of JNU are coming to the main gate. Whaa Kuch Karna hai? (Is there anything to be done?)"

Taking out this detail, Barkha Dutt had tweeted that "This message is from a WhatsApp group called 'Unity Against Left' - I've edited out the group because of privacy laws on showing numbers, but the operative message retained: "main gate par Kuch Karna hai" against those who "support JNU".

However, when NewsMeter tried to contact this number, the number was switched off. A search through the Truecaller app showed that the last registered contact on the Truecaller database had saved this number as "Inc India Congress". Another screenshot shared on Twitter by a user named Anshul Kanwar had pointed out that Truecaller showed BJP India initially for this number.

Hyderabad police confirmed that the number does not correspond to any particular address, except that it belongs to a Reliance Jio number taken from Northeastern region.

Google search of the phone number revealed that this number was part of the crowdfunding campaign of Indian National Congress, whose pages are not accessible currently. Whether this is an official number of the political party is yet to be verified, since anyone may change names on the Truecaller app, which makes it unreliable.

An official statement from Deepak John, spokesperson for the Congress: For the last year's elections, they had begun a crowdfunding campaign, where anyone may join???

Students bring out right-wing student group ABVP's involvement in JNU attack

Friends Of Rss 2

Certain WhatsApp screenshots have been going viral among student groups, highlighting the role of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) students in the violence meted out against students of JNU. In a screenshot taken from a WhatsApp group named 'Friends of RSS,' it was revealed that one Mr Vikas Patel, associated with ABVP in JNU, was also involved in the group that planned the attack on JNU students.

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