Hyderabad: On a sunny Saturday afternoon, Vinod was returning home when he noticed an injured old woman groaning with pain on the roadside at Gandhinagar.

Sensing trouble, he immediately called on HelpAge India toll-free number to report about an abandoned woman lying on the roadside.

Soon after, Kaladhar from HelpAge India arrived at the scene. With the help of local police, he was able to identify the woman.

B Bhagya, 60, has been homeless since her husband left her many years ago. "We tested her for COVID. After her reports came back negative we started our rescue procedure," said Kaladhar.

However, they soon realized that her wounds have developed gangrene. With the help of the police, she was immediately shifted to Osmania Hospital.

Since the hospital was busy, police constables Jai Hind Kumar and Laxmi from Gandhinagar Police Station along with Kaladhar waited for more than five hours to get her wounds cleaned and dressed. It was around 10:00 pm doctors conducted surgery and prescribed further care and treatment.

By the time Bhagya was discharged, it was past midnight. She was then shifted to OldAge Home in an Uber cab. The cab driver offered her a free ride. Father Thomas from St Alphonsa Karunalayam OldAge Home came forward to take B Bhagya under his wings.

From volunteer to cops and from priest to taxi driver, the dedicated people went beyond their call of duty to ensure that the poor woman gets care and shelter.

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