Bigg Boss Episode 10: New talent opens new vistas for inmates

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  16 Sep 2020 6:22 AM GMT
Bigg Boss Episode 10: New talent opens new vistas for inmates

Hyderabad: On Tuesday's episode, almost all the inmates got an opportunity to exhibit their talent.

As part of the luxury budget task, Bigg Boss introduced a new task, 'Bigg Boss TV Entertainers’. Karate Kalyani, Divi, Akhil, Kumar Sai, and Devi got a chance to present their talent to the audiences. They performed a skit and proved their talent.

Harika entertained the inmates during the Morning Masti task. She danced to a famous number and also did a rap. She also presented a skit along with Noel and Gangavva. Gangavva spontaneously generated fun with her natural humor. Harika is in the danger zone this week, and this performance could fetch her votes.

Akhil, Monal, and Abhijeet's love story is slowly picking up.

Lasya, Mehaboob, Amma Rajasekhar, and Sohel Ryan were not very active. During the tasks on Tuesday, their participation isn't that great. This show is all about surprises and a housemate can turn the table at any moment. Mehaboob and Divi did not get the chance to showcase their talent. The biggest consolation for them, however, is that they are in the safe zone now.

It is still the second week, and too early to understand the housemates. Bigg Boss also did not introduce any significant tasks that can result in the housemates getting divided.

For now, all of them are trying hard to gain support from the audiences.

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