Bigg Boss Episode 9: Love is in the air

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  15 Sep 2020 4:15 AM GMT
Bigg Boss Episode 9: Love is in the air

Hyderabad: A triangular love story is cooking up between Abhijeet, Monal Gajjar, and Akhil in the Bigg Boss house.

On Sunday night, Abhijeet asked Monal why she was not talking to him. Seemingly angry, she retorted that he has time to talk to the entire world but not her. Unable to figure out what to say, Abhijeet ended the conversation.

At midnight, the new housemate Kumar Sai entered the Bigg Boss house secretly. Devi was the first one to see him. Later, inmates introduced themselves.

Bigg Boss played 'Colourful Chilaka' song from Express Raja in the morning.

Amma Rajasekhar was missing Suryakiran, and he spoke to the camera about the same.

In the morning, Monal and Abhijeet sorted out the issue. Monal was also asking Akhil why he was not talking to her properly. She cried that Akhil was not responding properly.

All the housemates elected Amma Rajasekhar as a Ration Manager for the house. Rajasekhar will distribute the ration to the housemates whenever needed.

Abhijeet told Akhil about his life funda. He said he would never make a second attempt when he finds out that the other person was not interested in talking. It looked like both of them were indirectly talking about Monal.

During the second week's nominations procedure, Bigg Boss arranged a boat in the garden area. All the housemates sat inside the boat. Bigg Boss instructed that for every buzzer, one housemate has to get down the boat. Captain Lasya was exempted from the nominations. To avoid unnecessary disputes and arguments, the inmates decided to get down the boat voluntarily.

Gangavva, Noel, Monal, Sohal, Karate Kalyani, Kumar Sai, Amma Rajasekhar, Harika, and Abhijeet are in the nominations. The other seven housemates are safe.

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