Bigg Boss Episode 15: Nagarjuna's double nomination announcement shocks inmates

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  21 Sep 2020 4:27 AM GMT
Bigg Boss Episode 15: Nagarjunas double nomination announcement shocks inmates

Hyderabad: Karate Kalyani is the second person to exit Bigg Boss. On Saturday, inmates bid an emotional farewell to her. Later she joined Nagarjuna on the stage on Sunday's episode. double nomination

Before leaving, Kalyani dropped a Bigg Bomb on Devi Nagavalli. Devi is directly in the nominations for the third week. However, on Sunday, Nagarjuna almost gave inmates a heart when he announced a double nomination. The show organizers faked the elimination of Harika.

After Kalyani took the exit door from the show, Nagarjuna interacted with the housemates. He announced that Abhijeet, Amma Rajasekhar, Noel, Kumar Sai, and Sohel are safe. Nagarjuna asked the six contestants, who were not in the eliminations, to decide between Harika and Monal for their stay in the house.

Three housemates voted for Harika, and four others voted for Monal. Nagarjuna asked Harika to pack her bags and join him on the stage.

The inmates became emotional over Harika's exit from the house. They bid an emotional farewell to Harika and reached the garden area. When the main gate was about to open, Nagarjuna then asked everyone to gather back in the living room.

Nagarjuna told the inmates that it was a warning to everyone who opts for self-nomination. Everyone got relieved to know that it was a fake elimination and promised Nagarjuna to play well.

Nagarjuna ended the episode on a positive note, informing the inmates that the show registered record-breaking TRP ratings in the first week.

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