Hyderabad: On Friday’s episode, the inmates completed the last level of the Luxury Budget Task. They also elected a new captain of the house.

Bigg Boss observed that the housemates are not following the rules. The inmates should communicate in Telugu and not use any other language in the house. But, Bigg Boss observed Noel, Abhijeet, Monal, Akhil, and Harika are not following the rules. Bigg Boss also mentioned that Kalyani, Amma Rajasekhar, Divi, and Monal always turn up late whenever he asks them to gather ‘immediately.’

Bigg Boss reprimanded the housemates for not adhering to rules.

It did not go well with Noel who seemed unhappy and disappointed. Noel told Sujatha that Bigg Boss should apologize to him. He narrated an incident to Sujatha, which was unclear. He told Sujatha that he had to sleep outside because the lights were not turned off. He compared himself to Nature, saying that he will show his destructive side when needed. Noel said he wants to leave the house and would convey it to Nagarjuna on Saturday.

Surprisingly, Noel was one of the four best performers of the Luxury Budget task. All the inmates unanimously picked Noel as the captain of the house. Even Noel did not expect it, but he looked happy.

Since something is bothering Noel, we have to see if he stays in the house or expresses his wish to exit.

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