Bigg Boss Telugu: Episode 16: Nagarjuna's reprimand had desired effect on inmates

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  22 Sep 2020 4:11 AM GMT
Bigg Boss Telugu: Episode 16: Nagarjunas reprimand had desired effect on inmates

On Saturday and Sunday, Bigg Boss host Nagarjuna was angry with the housemates. The primary reason behind his anger was the safe-game strategy by the inmates. Nagarjuna wants them to play the fair game to win the Bigg Boss title.

Be it the nominations during the first week or the second week; the inmates avoided unnecessary arguments by self-nominating themselves. Now, Nagarjuna's anger worked well on the inmates for the nominations in the third week.

On Monday, most of the inmates came up with genuine reasons while nominating others for the eliminations. Since Noel is the captain, he was exempted from the nominations. But, he nominated Lasya using his special power. Kalyani already nominated Devi Nagavalli. The inmates chose among the rest of 13 members.

Devi Nagavalli, Monal Gajjar, Harika, Mehaboob, Kumar Sai, Ariyana Glory, and Lasya are in the danger zone for the third week.

Most of the inmates nominated Ariyana and Kumar Sai. Akhil and Sohel Ryan nominated Kumar Sai, and their reasons resulted in arguments. However, Kumar Sai did not extend the discussion and remained silent. The same is the case between Ariyana and Sohel Ryan. Things are not quite good between the two.

Abhijeet and Harika were upset with Sujatha's behavior in the house. Both nominated Sujatha. When her turn came, Sujatha nominated the other two and gave strong reasons. Harika also nominated Mehaboob as she felt that the reason he gave on Sunday's episode for her elimination was not satisfactory.

Finally, Nagarjuna's scolding had a desired effect on the inmates.

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