Bigg Boss Telugu: Episode 19: `Worst performer’ Noel Sean sent to prison

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  25 Sep 2020 4:05 AM GMT
Bigg Boss Telugu: Episode 19: `Worst performer’ Noel Sean sent to prison

Ukku Hrudayam task came to an end in Bigg Boss house on Thursday. Team Robots won the task, but Bigg Boss appreciated Team Humans as well. Worst performer

On Thursday, Team Robots made multiple attempts to charge their batteries. But, Team Humans thwarted their attempts. Except for Avinash, no one else managed to execute their plans flawlessly. In the middle of the task, Gangavva became serious on Monal when she tried to hide her Robot suit.

By the time the task came to an end, Lasya, Ariyana, Kumar, Avinash, and Harika were out of the game. From team Robots, only Abhijeet and Gangavva were alive.

After the task, all the inmates appreciated one another. Everyone got back to normalcy.

Bigg Boss asked to choose four best performers from team Robots for the Captaincy competition. The team chose Gangavva, Abhijeet, Harika, and Avinash as the best performers. Bigg Boss asked all the inmates to pick the worst performer from Team Humans. The inmates could not pick one person unanimously, but the majority felt that Noel was the worst performer. Noel, too agreed as he only sent Divi inside the house, which helped Robots to consolidate.

Later, Bigg Boss sent Noel to jail. The inmates were asked not to send any food or drinks to Noel. Noel did not hold any ill will against anyone.

On Friday, a new housemate will make her entry into Bigg Boss house.

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