Hyderabad: On Sunday, Bigg Boss announced a gender equality task for the inmates. However, in the name of gender equality, the game was nothing but a mockery of sorts.

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Like every other Sunday, Nagarjuna Akkineni announced a ‘Gender Equality’ task in the house which took place in two levels. In the first level, the female inmates dressed up like males and the male inmates dressed up as females. They danced to songs and enacted some popular scenes from the movies. In the second level, the inmates were divided into two teams and played Kabaddi game in the garden area. Nagarjuna stressed a couple of times that these tasks were performed in the house to prove that both males and females are equal.

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In reality, gender equality has no connection to what Bigg Boss show telecasted on Sunday. It is more or less a fashion show, in the name of gender equality. During the task, Nagarjuna changed the names of the inmates as well. The entire episode went on a boring note and the same echoed on social media.

These responses did not end even after the telecast of the episode. People disliked the episode totally and made a point that whatever was telecasted in the episode is certainly not `gender equality’.

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