Bigg Boss Telugu Episode 30: New promo creates buzz, curiosity

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  6 Oct 2020 4:10 AM GMT
Bigg Boss Telugu Episode 30: New promo creates buzz, curiosity

Hyderabad: Mondays are meant for the nominations in the Bigg Boss house. Like every week, the nominations procedure took place in the house on Monday. A total of 9 housemates are in the nominations for the fifth week.

Bigg Boss organizers created a buzz and curiosity around Monday's episode by releasing exciting promos. The promos garnered massive attention from the audiences, and the episode lived up to the expectations. For the first time, the entire episode ran on the nominations procedure alone.

The following are some initial reactions of audiences before they watched the episode!

Strong Arguments, Silly Explanations

Abhijeet, Avinash, Akhil, Noel, Amma Rajashekar, Monal, Sujatha, Lasya, and Ariyana are in the nominations for the fifth week. Akhil was nominated by six people in the house, which is the highest. During the nominations procedure, a lot of compelling arguments took place in the house. Simultaneously, a few inmates tried to defend themselves with silly explanations, but it hardly made any sense.

The following are some major highlights from the nominations episode and also the reactions of audiences on social media.

Akhil revealed that Avinash is playing a safe game in the house. Avinash, who usually brings his jovial nature in every task, added a lot of seriousness to the nominations. He made it very clear to Akhil and Monal that he is not in the house to play a safe game.

Heated arguments took place between Abhijeet and Akhil. Akhil was nervous all the time as six members nominated him. He failed to make the right statements while nominating Abhijeet. Unnecessarily, he brought the topic of Monal in his fight with Abhijeet. It turned ugly and resulted in Monal breaking down. She shouted at both Abhijeet and Akhil and asked them not to take her name.

Lasya nominated Divi because she fails to keep the kitchen clean while cooking. Divi nominated Lasya, saying that the food she cooked created health issues for the inmates.

Sohel lost his temper once again in the house. He tried to take Akhil's side but became aggressive and got carried away emotionally. In the end, he failed to make his point clear, resulting in him falling into the nominations.

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