Burglars steal 200kg iron safe with gold, silver inside

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  31 Aug 2020 4:06 PM GMT
Burglars steal 200kg iron safe with gold, silver inside

Visakhapatnam: Four burglars stole an iron safe weighing nearly 200 kg from an Asian Paints store, took it to a nearby field, and hammered it for hours to steal the gold and silver jewelry and cash kept inside.

The burglars broke into the store located at the Ravikamatham area in Vizag district on the intervening night of 30 and 31 August. They tried to break the safe but were worried the loud noise would alert someone. They then decided to steal the safe itself. They finally managed to break it open and steal 200 gms of gold, four kg of silver, and Rs. 10,000 cash, the Ravikamatham police said.

On Monday morning, the store owner opened the shutters and realised he had been robbed. However, he was shocked to see that the huge iron safe was missing.

The police suspect that four persons were involved in the theft. They are checking CCTV footage for clues. An insider’s role is not being ruled out, the police said. Forensic experts and clues team are also helping with the investigation.

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