CAA fallout: Nitish Kumar, Prashant Kishor slug it out in open

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  29 Jan 2020 9:07 AM GMT
CAA fallout: Nitish Kumar, Prashant Kishor slug it out in open

Hyderabad: Simmering tensions between Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and Prashant Kishor rose to fore after the former said he inducted the popular poll strategist into Janata Dal (United) on the suggestion of Amit Shah.

Kishor, who has been creating tremors within JD(U) by opposing the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), retorted, "If he [Nitish] inducted me into the party on the recommendation of Amit Shah, then it is proven that Bihar CM is working as per the direction of BJP president."

On his part, Nitish said, "It is ok whether he [Prashant Kishor] stays or leaves. He seems to have something in his mind. Maybe he wants to leave the JDU. Let him tweet. Everyone has the liberty to stay in part or leave the party anytime."

The election strategist said he would come to Bihar to answer what the CM had commented about him. "What a fall for you Nitish Kumar to lie about how you inducted me into JD(U). It was a bad attempt on your part to make my colour same as yours. If you are telling the trust, who would believe that you still have the courage not to listen to someone recommended by Amit shah," tweeted Kishor.

Sources said the Bihar CM wants to expel Kishor from JD(U). The Bihar CM said Kishor is already working as a poll strategist for several parties. If he wants to remain in the party, then he should adhere to basic fundamental principles, said Nitish.

The acrimonious episode between Kishor and Nitish is posing a challenging situation for the BJP-JD(U) alliance in Bihar, which is heading for elections this year.

Kishor has publicly voiced his opposition to the CAA, calling it unconstitutional. He has openly criticised the BJP for bringing out a law on "religious grounds against a community".

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