Overspeeding car falls off Biodiversity Flyover, one dead; second accident in the month

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  23 Nov 2019 11:28 AM GMT
Overspeeding car falls off Biodiversity Flyover, one dead; second accident in the month

Hyderabad: A forty-year-old woman identified to be Satyaveni died on-the-spot when a speeding car plunged from the newly-inaugurated Biodiversity flyover, fell on her. The incident occurred at around 1.04 PM on Saturday afternoon, when red-colored Volkswagen polo car speeding at 104 kmph fell on the auto stand. This is the second tragic incident occurred since the flyover was open to commuters.

Kalvakuntla Milan Krishna Rao, a resident of Jubilee hills was behind the wheels. The man was reportedly travelling to Hitech-city, when he lost control at the S-shaped portion of the flyover. The flyover has been temporarily closed for three days, during which speed control measures will be installed.� The driver lost control and rammed the divider and flew down onto the road . On Ricochet, the car hit three people at the auto stand' . Investigation found that the accident was due to over speeding instead of the prescribed 40 kmph speed limit, ' said an statement of the GHMC.�

Satyaveni and her daughter Praneetha, residents of Manikonda were standing at the auto stand, in front of Nissan Vibrant Datsun showroom at the busy Biodiversity junction.

The CCTV footage captured showed, at 1.04 PM the red-coloured Volkswagen Polo car plunged from the flyover and landed on a bunch of people standing under the tree.

Satyaveni died on the spot while her daughter, who is in a state of shock, escaped with minor injuries. Besides the two, auto driver Balaraju fractured his leg, and another lady by name Kubra suffered injuries. The four have been shifted to Gachibowli Care hospital. Many others who were taking shelter under the tree, escaped by a whisker.

Four new cars parked outside the showroom for display were damaged.

The Disaster response Force (DRF) officials had to be roped in to cut the tree to clear the place.

biodiversity flyover accident

The first accident was reported on November 10th, when a speeding drunk driver kills two and injures two at the flyover.

Clicking selfies standing on the newly inaugurated flyover at Biodiversity junction in Hyderabad turned fatal for two youngsters and left two others injured. A drunk driver rammed his car into them in the early hours on November 10.�

The driver, P Abhilash, was in a heavily intoxicated condition and drove the car onto N Sai Vamshi Raju (22) and V Praveen Kumar (22). The victims were thrown off the flyover, landing on the road below. While they died on the spot, their friends Ch Sai Krishna and Ch Pavan Kumar sustained injuries. Sandeep recorded over 223 mg/dl in the alcohol test administered by the police, while his friends, who were with him in the car, fled from the spot.

Abhilash, an employee of IT giant Cognizant, and his friends were returning home after partying until late at night. Driving at high speed, he failed to notice the victims who were already on the flyover, clicking pictures. Even though Abhilash saw them, he was unable to control the car that was travelling at high speed. The car rammed into the four victims and their two scooters. The vehicle went ahead further and came to a halt after hitting the railing of the flyover.

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