Cats brutalized in Hyd gated community; HSI demands arrest

By Aiswarya Sriram  Published on  9 Feb 2020 9:06 AM GMT
Cats brutalized in Hyd gated community; HSI demands arrest

Hyderabad, Feb 9: The Director General of Police, Hyderabad issued notice to Aditya Royal Palms, a gated community in Tolichowki, as a complaint was filed against them for harassing stray cats. The Humane Society of India (HSI), which filed the complaint, alleged that the gated community residents sedated cats and even killed a few of them.

Managing Director of HSI Alokparan Sengupta while speaking to NewsMeter said, “The community wanted to get rid of cats as they were defecating in their lawns. But, this is not the way you get rid of animals. They could have been more humane in their approach.”

HSI received pictures and videos from a source about the action of the residents and they complained soon. The colony secretary on January 29 issued a circular to the residents stating that they are calling cat-catchers and asked the society members to keep their doors and windows closed.

The video shows the cat-catchers using wired poles and the animals being caught by the neck, leaving it choking for breath. HSI members claim that they were also sedated and killed.

“It is not known as to who the cat-catchers and who hired them. It is illegal to do so as no law gives right to them for sedating cats. The residents and cat-catchers should be arrested,” said Sengupta

The guilty persons are punishable under Section 429 IPC and Section 11(1)(a) & 11(1)(l) of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 (PCA Act).

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