‘You’re bothered about a dog?' says man after running over pup, booked

By Amritha Mohan  Published on  3 Feb 2020 7:41 AM GMT
‘You’re bothered about a dog? says man after running over pup, booked

Hyderabad: “I wasn’t even worried when I killed a human, and you’re bothered about the dog?” was the reaction of a man, after he ran over a puppy and was questioned by a concerned citizen. Following the complaint, a case has been booked against the man under Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, and other sections, under Saroornagar police station.

The incident happened on February 1, at around 8 pm, when a white Maruti Swift car allegedly ran over a puppy, which was sleeping beside the road towards Saroornagar Municipal office. Noticing how the car did not stop after injuring the dog, one Mr. Sai Teja Peddineni went after the car, which stopped near Kranthi Nagar colony. Speaking about the incident, Sai Teja said, “While speaking to the driver, regarding giving proper treatment to the dog, we had a minor altercation. The driver and the passenger in his car were quite harsh and a group of 4-5 people even attacked me, when I questioned them.”

“What worried me the most was the way the driver perceived it. Like, it didn’t matter to him at all. But a puppy’s life is also a life, and I think as a society, it’s your minimal duty to not harm others,” said Sai Teja. Meanwhile, the four-month-old puppy, which got a leg fracture after the accident, has been rescued and is cared for at an animal shelter in Hyderabad.

Speaking to NewsMeter, N. Pravallika, founder of Compassionate Society for Animals said, “The careless way in which the people reacted, after running over a puppy is just horrific. We will be taking the puppy to the district veterinary hospital tomorrow, since it will also count as evidence. Anyway, since the police has booked a case, and investigation is underway, I hope they will be brought before court soon,” added the animal rights activist.

Regarding the incident, case has been booked under sections 429 (Mischief towards animals), 506 (criminal intimidation), 11 (a) of Prevention to Cruelty of Animals Act, and section 184 of Motor Vehicle Act (driving dangerously).

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