Chandrayaan-2 sends Moon's first image

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  23 Aug 2019 7:35 AM GMT
Chandrayaan-2 sends Moons first image

Bengaluru: Vikram Lander of Chandrayaan2 has taken the first image of Moon. Indian Space Research Organisation ISRO has released the same on Thursday evening.

ISRO said that the Vikram Lander had taken the image at the height of 2650 kilometres from Lunar Surface on August 21 2019.

ISRO identified Mare Orientale basin and Apollo craters from the picture sent from Chandrayaan 2.

According to ISRO the mission life of the Orbiter is one year. ISRO named Vikram Lander after the Father of the Indian Space Programme Vikram Sarabhai. The lander has been designed to function for a lunar day which is equivalent to 14 Earth days. The lander can communicate with Indian Deep Space Network at Byalalu near Bengaluru and as well as with the rover Pragyan and orbiter. Vikram Lander was designed to execute a soft landing on the Moon's surface.

Meanwhile, ISRO Chairman K Sivan honoured with the Tamil Nadu government with Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Award on Thursday.

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