Charge-sheet has statements of all accused in Miryalaguda honour-killing

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  10 March 2020 10:20 AM GMT
Charge-sheet has statements of all accused in Miryalaguda honour-killing

Hyderabad: As the Miryalaguda honour-killing case saw a dramatic end with the suicide of prime accused, Maruthi Rao, the 1600-page charge-sheet filed against all the accused had all the details that Maruthi Rao, Amrutha, Pranay's father had to say after the broad daylight murder of Perumalla Pranay on September 14, 2018.

The charge-sheet had the names of all the eight accused with Maruthi Rao as A-1 and Shravan as A-6. The police also managed to get the statements of 102 witnesses in the case. The police have mentioned everything right from Pranay-Amrutha's love to Maruthi Rao's suicide.

The statement given by Amrutha after the murder of Pranay reads, "We have known each other since our school days. We fell in love with each other when we were studying in Kakatiya School, Miryalaguda. I was studying in ninth standard whereas Pranay was in the tenth when our friendship began and later turned into love. As we were very good friends, my father threatened me that he belonged to a lower caste and I should stop talking to him. He even stopped my education and made me write my exams from home. He even stopped my Intermediate education and made me sit at home.

He even made me discontinue college when I was studying engineering as I was still talking to Pranay. One day, when I and Pranay had gone to Raghav talkies, Miryalaguda, my father and uncle Shravan had come there and taken me home. They even beat me up. They then called Pranay's parents and even threatened them.

“As I was not able to stay without speaking to Pranay, I told him that we will either get married or die. As Pranay agreed to it, we got married in Arya Samaj Mandir in Hyderabad on January 30, 2018. My father then filed a missing complaint as I was not seen in Miryalaguda. As the police brought us to Miryalaguda, we told them that we are majors and had married willingly. I even told them that I will be staying at Pranay's place. Pranay's parents hosted a grand reception party on August 17, 2018. It was from then that my father had developed a grudge against Pranay and even warned him that he will see his end.

“It was on September 14, 2018 when we had gone to Jyothi Hospital for a check-up that Pranay was killed.”

The statement of Maruthi Rao, reads, "My daughter has let me down by getting married to a man who was of a lower caste. We were not able to lift our heads high in society. Their love story had begun from school. I told my daughter to forget Pranay but she didn't listen. She then eloped with Pranay and got married. I negotiated through my relatives to bring her back but she didn't come. That was the reason why I planned to kill Pranay. As I knew I would need money to get him killed, I asked my brother to arrange for the money.”

The statement of Maruthi Rao's brother, Sravan reads, "The wedding of Pranay and Amrutha has let my brother down. Amrutha has behaved in such a way that my brother has lost all respect in the society. My brother had told me that money would be needed to kill Pranay. I told him that I will sell the plot at Chintapally crossroads to raise funds. We even made the papers ready to sell the plot to one Vijay Kumar Reddy. "

The statement of Pranay's father, Balaswamy reads, "Amrutha and Pranay were friends from school. Amrutha had wished Pranay to have feelings for her. She had also told that if Pranay disagrees, she will commit suicide. My son Pranay, without telling anyone, had gone to Arya Samaj Mandir, and got married to Amrutha. We threatened a lot of times that our son will get killed. Maruthi Rao and Sravan had even hatched a conspiracy to kill my son. They even used to send unknown people to keep an eye on us around our home. After Amrutha became pregnant and when they were coming back from Jyothi Hospital, they killed my son Pranay. "

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