Hyderabad: Giving a new spin to Maruthi Rao suicide case, his lawyer Venkata Subba Reddy said the deceased had tried hard for a compromise with his daughter Amrutha and the property dispute with his brothers was settled long before Pranay’s murder.

“Maruthi Rao had tried hard for a compromise with his daughter Amrutha. I had mediated between them. Maruthi and his brothers had reached a consensus over property sharing. The property was shared between them much before Pranay’s murder”, Reddy told reporters.

Maruthi Rao had spoken to Reddy at 8.22 pm on Saturday after reaching Arya Vysya Bhavan. Reddy said he spoke about the case and what needs to be done. After reaching Hyderabad, Maruthi Rao gave some documents related to the case to his driver Rajesh and told him to hand over to Reddy.

“I knew Maruthi Rao for the past seven years. I met him last Friday for the last time. He was deeply upset with Amrutha for filing many cases against him. He thought that Amrutha will come home after marriage. He also hoped that Amrutha would change her mind and agree for a compromise before the trial begins,” said Reddy.

Reddy also clarified that there was no dispute within the family as alleged by Amrutha. “Much before Pranay’s murder, they had shared property. Maruthi Rao was well aware that he will get life term imprisonment and made attempts for a compromise”, he said.

Reddy noted Maruthi was very disturbed with the fact that Amrutha was filing cases against them. “He tried for a compromise with Amrutha at least 20 times”, he said.

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