Chilkur Balaji saved India from coronavirus: Head Priest

By Aiswarya Sriram  Published on  2 March 2020 3:52 AM GMT
Chilkur Balaji saved India from coronavirus: Head Priest

Hyderabad: Chilkur Balaji chief priest C S Rangarajan Rao has claimed that a special pooja held at the temple last month has saved India from deadly coronavirus.

Around 2000 people had attended the special pooja on February 4. Temple priests recited ‘Apamarjana Stotram’ and ‘Sudarshana Ashtakam’, which helps in eradicating diseases, he said.

“The special ‘Aparjana stotram’ prayer invokes Hindu deities — Vishnu and Sudarshana Chakra — to purge as well as protect the people from various sickness,” Roa said.

Coronavirus has spread across many countries but in India, only three cases were detected. “The deity has been grateful. Apart from three cases in Kerala, there have been no reports of coronavirus outbreak. Those people, who were infected, were also discharged from the hospital after their recovery”, he said.

Quoting Pulmonologist Vivek Nangia of Fortis Hospital, Roa said that despite sharing boundaries with China, India hasn’t been affected much by the virus.

“Chilkur Balaji will protect other countries as well. Let us all thank Lord Balaji for his divine protection. Let us also pray to him to save the world from this virus,” he said.

Chilkur Balaji Temple is also called Visa Temple as it is believed that praying to the deity helps in faster approval of Visa.

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