Companies take care of migrant workers or face action: Cyberabad police

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  15 April 2020 7:05 AM GMT
Companies take care of migrant workers or face action: Cyberabad police

Hyderabad: Cyberabad police have warned the companies against any violation of the lockdown by their laborers.

“As the lockdown has been extended up to May 3, 2020, a large number of people including migrant laborers from other States have been found trying to go back to their native places on foot,” Cyberabad police said in a statement.

Police said that they have observed that these laborers carry small children and heavy luggage and walk through the highways, which can be highly dangerous as there can be road accidents and they can suffer from dehydration and other health issues.

“However, due to various misgivings about the lockdown, the people are deciding to take up this Herculean task of returning to their native places by foot. Cyberabad Police appeal the public including migrant laborers to not to have any misgivings about the lockdown and stay wherever they are,” police said

Cyberabad Police assured that the administration is taking all the necessary steps to provide food and shelter to the migrant laborers and ensure their safety during lockdown.

Cyberabad Commissioner of Police VC Sajjnar asked the companies and supervisors to persuade migrant laborers to stay wherever they are.

If any company fails in doing so and their workers are found marching on foot to their native place, police will initiate legal action against the company.

Meanwhile, thousands of migrant laborers reached Bandra Railway Station in Mumbai on Wednesday. Some reports suggested that there were rumors that trains have started. Other reports said migrant laborers took to streets to protest against the extended lockdown period.

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