Hyderabad: Four months after a case was registered against it, Dominos Pizza at Nacharam has paid Rs 2,000 as fine for levying restaurant handling charges and not providing the proper bill.

In November 2020, Rangareddy district Legal Metrology Department registered a case against the pizza outlet after Vijay Gopal filed a complaint alleging that the eatery is levying restaurant handling charges on online orders.

The complainant said though the eatery is levying different charges yet these are not mentioned in the physical bill. This is categorically a violation of Legal Metrology rules, he said.

Later, the legal metrology department inspected the trading premises of Dominos Pizza Restaurant, Nacharam. During the course of an inspection, the department found unverified electronic balance in the premises and 1/10th capacity of the test weights were not mentioned.

The department registered a case for violating Section 33 (Penalty for use of unverified weight or measure) and Section 25 (Penalty for use of non-standard weight or measure) of Legal Metrology Act, 2009.

Ten cases registered against Vijetha Supermarket

Legal Metrology Department, Rangareddy has registered 10 cases Against Vijetha Super Market in Serilingampally on March 1.

The department inspected the trading premises of Vijetha SuperMarket, Serilingampally on February 26.

During the course of the inspection, ten cases were registered for violating Section 18 (1) (Declarations on pre-packaged commodity), Section 36 (1) (Penalty for selling, etc. of non-standard packages) of Legal Metrology Act, 2009.

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