Hyderabad: A software professional from Kurnool was, on February 2, stopped from boarding a flight to India from Wuhan, because of her “high body temperature”. Annam Jyothi, an employee of TCL, was not allowed to return to India along with another colleague in the wake of the Corona virus outbreak in China.

Jyothi was part of a group of 58 members who were to return to India on Sunday as per the evacuation plan following the Corona virus outbreak. However, she, along with another colleague, was stopped from boarding the flight. The authorities had assured her that they would be allowed to board the next flight, which was later cancelled by the health authorities in China.

In a video that went viral on social media, Jyothi said her temperature is stable now and that they don’t have any symptoms of the virus. “I couldn’t take the flight, along with one of my colleagues, because our body temperature was a bit high. They said we can take the next flight. Our temperature was 37.5 degrees, which was due to physical activities and strain at the time. We were a bit panicked but our temperature is stable now. We don’t have any symptoms of the virus.”

She said the health authorities in China neither agreed or denied that they had detected the virus or its symptoms in them. Requesting the government of India to ensure her return to India, she said, “We are ready to prove that we don’t have the virus. We don’t have any symptoms. We request our government to take us back to India. We are ready to prove that we don’t have any symptoms of the virus and we are safe and healthy. So, I request the government to take us back.”

Jyothi’s relatives, who are based in Koilakuntla in Kurnool district, said her wedding was scheduled for February 14 and demanded the state government intervene and do the needful to ensure her return home.

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