Hyderabad: India is witnessing a sudden surge in the coronavirus cases in the last six days.

Figures reveal that the number of positive cases has doubled in the last six days. India has now over 1000 COVID 19 positive cases.

On March 30, 178 new cases were detected. This has increased the tally to 1,071. Over the past 24 hours, the Covid-19 cases have increased by 15 percent in India.

So far, 29 of the patients have died and 100 have recovered.

However, India’s recovery ratio is substantially higher than in other countries. The USA has the highest number of 142356 cases in the world. However, its recovery percentage is only 3.3. In the US, 1.8% of the total patients have died. It is comparatively less than Spain which has 8.5% mortality rate followed by China with 4%.

Coronavirus positive cases double in six days across country, death toll 29

Italy has recorded the highest death rate of 11 percent. The recovery percentage is at 13.3 percent. However, in India, though the death rate has reached 2.6 percent, the recovery rate is at 9.3 percent.

Global Covid-19 cases have crossed 700,000. Of whom 33,968 patients, which roughly come to 4.7%, have died.

Kerala and Maharashtra continue to have the highest number of COVID-19 cases

Kerala leads in terms of the number of active cases of Coronavirus. According to the Union health ministry update, Maharashtra has the second-highest number of active cases at 160 followed by Karnataka at 72. With 67 active cases, Telangana is the fourth in the list followed closely by Uttar Pradesh at 64.

However, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi saw the highest spike in the past 24 hours. The number of active cases rose from 44 to 64 in Uttar Pradesh and from 31 to 45 in Delhi.

Till March 28, when location-wise data was released by ICMR, India had 122 government and 47 private testing centers.

Dheeshma Puzhakkal

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