Correction Policy

In Journalism, there has always been a tension between getting it first and getting it right.

We at NewsMeter, make sure to provide you with accurate and reliable information each time we post our stories. However if you find any discrepancy in our stories or would like to correct certain information, please do write to us at with the related article and subject line. We assure you that we will update the changes wherever necessary within 48 hours. NewsMeter also welcomes feedbacks from its users be it on social media platforms or on its website.

If there are any major corrections in the articles or if any figures are misrepresented. Please notify us on our mail account so that we may update the change wherever necessary.

Corrections List:

1) The first version stated few mistakes in the story.

Mr. Philipe Haydon is the Ex-CEO of Himalaya company

Najeeb Manal is the CEO- Americas region at Himalaya Herbal Healthcare

Corrected News Report:

2) We updated the links in the article on March 8, 2021

Updated News Report:

3) As we have received a communication from VHP-A that the Governor of Florida indeed declared it as Hindu Heritage Month and the document is genuine, we have updated the article to TRUE from Misleading.

Updated Report:

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