Covid-19 positive Google techie’s friend decries wrong media reports

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  15 March 2020 8:49 AM GMT
Covid-19 positive Google techie’s friend decries wrong media reports

Hyderabad: A Google techie was tested positive in Bangalore on March 12. Soon thereafter, media reported the travel history of the man and his wife. Amid speculations, a close friend of the patient has detailed in a Facebook post the travel history. The FB account holder Yash Archit, claims to closely know the patient.

According to him, the couple landed in Mumbai from Paris on March 6 and two days later took a flight to Bangalore. The next day, the wife took an early morning flight to Agra, while the man went to his office in Bangalore at 7am.

He started feeling dizzy and left office thinking that it might be due to jetlag. He began feeling feverish in the night. On March 10, as it was a Holi holiday, he went for a test at 3pm. Two days later, the report confirmed that he had tested Covid-19 positive. The Agra authorities were asked to check on his wife and family.

According to him, the man and his wife were newlywed and went to Europe for their honeymoon. They visited Greece, Switzerland and France, but they did not go to Italy or Singapore as claimed by the media.

It was claimed by many that the wife left her husband in Bangalore and fled to Agra once she realized that he was suffering from coronavirus. The post says that this claim is false. The post reads, “She had left for Agra on March 9 and he was declared positive only on March 12. She had gone to Agra to celebrate Holi with her family as part of a tradition”.

To reports that she had run away from the isolation ward, he says that the wards were unhygienic and she had sought a better ward. The family members were advised to wear mask and were put under house isolation, he says. Archit has also written that it was mistake on their part that they were not self-quarantined.

It stated that the woman's results are awaited from NIV in Pune.

Speaking to the media during a press meet, Dr Sudhakar the Minister of Medical Education stated that the woman never entered Bengaluru. He said she could have flown from Mumbai to Delhi but maybe she wanted to drop the husband in Bengaluru.

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