Hyderabad: The LB Nagar police arrested three Iranians on Saturday for theft and seized US$811 and Rs. 35,000 from them.

The three have been identified as Mohammad Hussain (45), Vaheed Rajab (39), and NaseerAbhidi (40). All are from Tehran and were staying at Paramount Colony in Tolichowki. A car was also seized from their possession.

The three men were involved in several theft cases in the Hyderabad and Cyberabad commissionerate areas. They used to go to shop vendors and ask them to exchange US Dollar notes. They would trick the shopkeepers and steal money while counting the currency notes.

On 27 May the LB Nagar police received two separate complaints of theft. In the first instance, three men went to a rice shop in Mansoorbad and told the shop vendor that they had US Dollars they wanted to exchange. While the shopkeeper was busy with a customer, the three accused stole Rs. 30,000 from the counter and escaped.

In another case, the three men went to a Castrol oil shop located at Sagar crossroad and told the shopkeeper they wanted to exchange US Dollars. The shopkeeper agreed and gave Mohammad Hussain Rs. 53,000 to count. However, while counting the money they stole Rs. 22,000 from the man and escaped.

Following the two complaints, the LB Nagar police and cyber crime station rushed into action and started tracking CCTV cameras. On Saturday, they apprehended the three men.

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