National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) has revealed that five percent of women prisoners are lodged in Telangana jails with their children.

Of the 361 total female prisoners in the state, 19 have 20 children. Both mothers and their kids are lodged in the prisons. Of the prisoners, 7 are convicts with 8 children, and 12 are undertrials with 12 children.

In the neighboring Andhra Pradesh, a total of 20 women inmates with 23 children are lodged in different jails. This accounts for 4.6% of the total number of female prisoners in the state. Of them, 7 are convicts with 8 children, 13 are undertrials with 15 children.

A total of 1,427 women prisoners with 1,628 children are lodged in prisons across the country. Of them, 1184 women are undertrials with 1345 children and 214 are convicts with 246 children.

UP has the highest number of 397 women prisoners with 452 children followed by 168 women prisoners with 196 children in Bihar, 167 women with 196 children in West Bengal.

Meanwhile, prisons in eight states/ union territories do not have any women inmates with children.

Female Inmates in Prisons

Out of the total 6071 prisoners in Telangana, 361 (5.9%) are female inmates. Of them, 123 are convicts, 230 are undertrials, and 8 are detainees.

In neighboring Andhra Pradesh, of the total 7362 prisoners, 428 are female inmates. This accounts for 5.8% of the total number of prisoners in the state. Out of the 428, 107 women are convicts, and 321 are undertrials.

Of the 4,88,511 prisoners in the country, 20,046 are female. These women prisoners are lodged in women jails or `except women jails' (exclusive for female inmates). Around 50.1% of these jails are filled. Nearly, 3094 prisoners are lodged in these jails. Likewise, 78.6% of except women jails are filled. Around 16,962 women are lodged in these special jails.

Among the except women jails across the country, Uttarakhand has the highest occupancy rate of female inmates-156.5%, followed by Uttar Pradesh-140.6%, and Chattisgarh-1136.5%.

However, the highest number of 4527 female inmates in 'except women jails' are in Uttar Pradesh followed by Madhya Pradesh with 812, and West Bengal with 1753.

Nimisha S Pradeep

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