Hyderabad: According to the Rachakoda traffic police's weekly analysis from 6 to 12 November, a whopping 54 road accidents were reported in the Rachakonda police station limits in which 10 people died and 40 were injured.

During the period, 40,620 cases were booked for violations of the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 and a fine of Rs. 1,43,03,720 was imposed.

Sl.no.Name of the headNumber of cases booked
1.Without helmet26,475
2.Without seatbelt129
3.Without driving license 837
4.Extra passengers28
5.Extra projection415
7.Signal jump96
8.Dangerous driving14
9.Using cell phone while driving96

In the same week, 45 cases were booked for drunk driving and a fine of Rs. 4,38,500 was imposed. Two of the violators were sentenced to simple imprisonment. The violators were counseled by the TTI staff in the presence of their parents. Most of the violators belonged to the age group 31-40. A majority of cases of drunk driving were reported from Vanasthalipuram.

As part of achieving the objective of an 'accident-free society', the Rachakonda police have been conducting traffic awareness programmes to create awareness among the public, students, and drivers. Besides conducting counseling to drunken drivers, behavior and orientation training, safety precautions to stop the spread of COVID-19 among the general public, and vertical training to staff to improve quality standards were also organized.

As per the data analysis, most of the accidents occurred due to human errors like negligence of drivers, over-speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol, self skidding vehicles, and road engineering defects.

The traffic engineering cell staff along with other stakeholders visited nine fatal accident sites and minutely studied the cause of road accidents. Short-term, mid-term, and long-term remedial measures were addressed.

Several road engineering works are in progress in the area. The traffic police closed the direct approach to the highway at Chotuppal crossroad to decrease road accidents and closed the U-turn with barricades at Alekya Towers, Sagar crossroad due to flyover construction works.

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