How CCTV footage helped cops arrest Cognizant techie's murderer

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  9 May 2021 7:15 AM GMT
How CCTV footage helped cops arrest Cognizant techies murderer

Hyderabad: CCTV footage helped Hyderabad police catch the murderer of a Cognizant employee who died on 2 May, a few days after he was attacked by two unidentified men at Mehdipatnam. The police have arrested one of the men.

On 21 April, Tadicherla Dhana Ramesh Kumar went out to withdraw cash and purchase liquor and cigarettes. He was coming out of the ATM near Vijaya Diagnostics Center at Mehdipatnam when two persons dragged him inside and assaulted him. Ramesh was admitted to a hospital for his injuries. He died a week later while undergoing treatment.

The police analyzed CCTV footage from Mehdipatnam, Rethibowli, and Ayodhya Nagar colonies and identified the accused. They found that the two men had seen Kumar going to the ATM and followed him.

After making sure that there was no one around, the men pinned down Ramesh and when he fell to the ground, they pounced on him and assaulted him. When Ramesh stopped resisting, the men stole Rs. 1,200 cash, two gold rings, and his mobile phone and fled the place.

Passersby helped Ramesh reach his home where he collapsed in front of the house at Ayodhya Nagar, Mehdipatnam. His wife with the help of their neighbors took him inside. The next day, he was shifted to the hospital where he received treatment till 27 April. He was discharged and went home. On 30 April, he complained of health complications and was taken to a nearby private hospital. Doctors there advised him to go to another hospital for better treatment. Due to the pandemic, there were no beds available in the area, so he was admitted to a hospital in Kukatpally where he died undergoing treatment.

The police recovered one gold ring, one panchaloha ring, and a mobile phone from the accused and sent him to remand.

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