Hyderabad: Keesara police busted an illegal bio-diesel racket operating from Hyderabad and Lucknow and seized Rs 20 lakhs worth 30,000 litres diesel.

According to the police, the police officials upon receiving information that some persons are storing diesel and petrol oils illegally in huge quantities in a godown that belonged to one Mohan Reddy in Ramppally Dayara village, they raided the place. The operation was being run under Petrim Giridhara Sirrinidhi Enterprises. During the raid, the accused, Giridhar was arrested and property was seized. Others involved in the operation, Chandra Bhan Singh, Anil Peeraji, people involved with OSL Logistics and Susheela Logistics were absconding.

According to the police, Giridhar, a native of Nallakunta, started his oil trading business under Sirrinidhi Enterprises. He then contacted Anil Peeraji Bhavane in Karnataka and Chandra Bhan Singh, MD, Gyanti Multi Services Pvt Ltd, Lucknow, who have been in the bio-diesel business and shared his idea with them. Together they went into the business. Compared to the HSD (high speed diesel) light diesel oil/bio diesel oil/industrial diesel come cheaper, the HSD oil is meant for purpose of automobile use. The bio diesel oil/LDO (light diesel oil) is meant for industrial purposes only which can be used to run boilers and furnaces.

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