Hyderabad: The Cyberabad Police have arrested a juvenile boy in conflict with the law for stalking and harassing an MBBS student. The minor is accused of hacking her social media and email accounts and posting abusive and offensive posts.

The case dates back to 2018 when the Cyberabad police received a complaint from an MBBS student stating that her email account was hacked and an unknown person had posted abusive comments in her online classes.

Following this, the hacker logged into her Facebook account and posted vulgar and obscene posts in her timeline.

This resulted in the complainant blocking her Facebook account with the help of her neighbour's son. However, her Facebook account was reactivated and all hell broke loose.

'My neighbour's boy received a mail from an unknown person, that my account has been hacked and the cybercriminals also have my father's mobile phones and bank credentials.

The email also conveyed a threat that the hacker will post my morphed pictures on social media' the complainant said.

Two years into the investigation, the Cyberabad sleuths in March 2021, zeroed down on a juvenile.

To everyone's surprise, the juvenile in conflict with the law turns out to be the girls neighbour.

It so happened that the boy had once helped the complainant in deleting her Instagram, Facebook account as she encountered technical issues. But unfortunately, taking this as an advantage, he changed the password of her email account. Subsequently, he logged into her email account and started posting abusive comments in the online classes attended by her. He even got access to her photos saved in her email account' Cops said.

In the meanwhile, he also changed the security lock or PIN number of the devices connected to the wi-fi in their home to create an impact that all devices were hacked. Further, he reactivated the Facebook account of the complainant and started posting her pictures accompanied by vulgar posts on her timeline.

The boy tried to pretend that it was a hacker at the job, by sending emails to his and the complainant's family mentioning the morphed pictures, Cops added.

Cyberabad cops issue an advisory:

-Do not share passwords, phone numbers associated with your social media accounts with anyone including children.

-Parents must teach children the legal aspects of the cyber world before allowing them to use the internet. The children must be educated on the good and bad, legal and illegal aspects of cyber world.

-The suspicious activities of the children on the internet must be scrutinized by the parents immediately on notice. Blind belief that your children can not do wrong needs to be shed and a more rational approach must be adopted.

-Regular briefing, counselling must be held to educate and sensitize the children by their parents.

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