Hyderabad: The Cyberabad commissioner of police, V.C Sajjanar, launched nine divisional-level clues team and three fingerprint units on 6 November.

These new units will help improve the quality of collection of scientific clues from the scene of crimes and also help reach the scene faster in order to preserve and collect clues. The clues team and fingerprint units will play a crucial role in the scientific investigation and improve conviction rates in the future.

Earlier, there were three zonal clues team in the Cyberabad commissionerate limits in Madhapur zone, Balanagar zone, and Shamshabad zone. Now, nine divisional-level clues team have been established (Madhapur division, Miyapur division, Kukatpally division, Pet-Basheerabad division, Balanagar division, Shamshabad division, Rajendranagar division, Chevella division, and Shadnagar division).

Also, earlier, there was only one fingerprint unit in Cyberabad. Now, three fingerprint units have been launched to aid investigation.

Each clues team has four crime scene officers, including forensic experts, two photographer-cum-videographer, and two drivers. Meanwhile, each fingerprint unit comprises a fingerprint expert, four police constables trained in fingerprint lifting and other related works, and two drivers.

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