Hyderabad: The Cyberabad traffic police for a period of two years has dashed off 3751 application to Regional Transport Offices to cancel the driving licences of those booked in road accidents and drunk driving. However, RTO has only cancelled 5 licences in the same period.

This is was revealed in an RTI response to Society for Safety of Public and Good Governance

According to the rule, the driving licence of a person can be cancelled if 12 offence point will be issued against them.

The Cyberbad traffic police in 2019 wrote 6 letters in accident cases, 1645 letters for drunk driving. Where in 2020, the traffic police wrote 199 letters for road accident cases and 1901 application for drunk driving cases to RTO.

The RTO has cancelled only 5 licences only in the cases of road accidents in which 3 were cancelled in 2019 and 2 were cancelled in 2020.

It should be noted that the Road Transport Authority in December 2019 suspended actor Rajashekar's driving license for six months. The suspension followed a letter written by Cyberabad Traffic authorities to RTO for permanent cancellation.

Tollywood actor Dr Rajashekar has been accused in an accident case. On November 13, 2019, the actor, while returning home from Ramoji Film City, had a narrow escape on the Outer Ring Road. His Mercedes car hit the median, turned turtle, and fell on the opposite lane of the ORR. The vehicle was completely damaged in the process.

Passengers travelling on the opposite lane noticed the accident and came to his rescue. They identified actor Rajashekar and pulled him out, along with a passenger. Cyberabad traffic cops cited 'over speeding' to be the cause of the accident.

An investigation of the accident revealed that there are 21 challans issued against the Mercedes, of which 19 were for over-speeding. In one particular case, the vehicle reportedly travelled at a speed of 160 kmph.

The Cyberabad traffic cops have booked 21,000 cases of drunk driving in 2019 while 7,000 in 2020.

The highest number of driving cases, 5,750 was booked under Kukatpally traffic Police station followed by 5744 under Madhapur traffic police station and 5741 under Shamshabad traffic police station.

A total 10,969 people have been convicted for drunk driving since 2018 and around 26,996 people have been penalised for it.

The Cyberbad traffic police have collected Rs 165,17,92,420 challan from the offenders of drunk driving since 2018. The highest, Rs 99.16 crore was collected from the four-wheelers while Rs 50.68 crore was collected from two-wheelers.

Also, by profession, the highest number of people who were caught drunk driving are self-employed (7502) followed by private company employees(6340).

Sumit Jha

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