Hyderabad, 17th November 2021: The Cyberabad police busted the RBL Bank call centre racket in Uttam Nagar in Delhi and raided a hotel in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, and arrested a gang of 16 members. The accused were found to be involved in 34 cases in Cyberabad Commissionerate and 166 cases all over India. They pretended to be RBL Bank employees and cheated citizens for Rs. 3 crores.

The complainant received a call from '+9102262327777' who identified herself as a representative from RBL bank. She asked the complainant whether the credit card had been delivered or not. The complainant informed the fraudster that he had received the credit card but not the PIN. The fraudster asked him to provide PAN card details and also asked him to send a code which he will receive on deactivating the insurance amount of Rs. 24,000. The complainant shared the code immediately and he received a message from the bank that an amount of Rs.97,996 got deducted from his RBL credit card.

The accused have vast experience in the banking field and they have collected RBL customers' data, especially the card details like name, mobile number, type of card, partial card number and date of birth, etc. from the bank employee. Then they established 5 to 6 call centers in Mohan garden and Uttam Nagar in Delhi. By using spoof calling applications (MoSIP& Silver Dialer), they contacted the RBL credit cardholders who received new credit cards by posing as employees of RBL Bank. Then they collected OTPs by misguiding the customers in the name of activation of card or deactivation of insurance or increasing the credit card limit etc. After collecting OTPs, the fraudsters made transactions on their websites using the credit card details of the victims.

For this purpose, they have six registered websites and three individual merchants who linked them with payment gateways and helped them in collecting the swindled amount into their bank accounts.

A total of 16 accused persons were apprehended in this operation so far and 7 accused persons are absconding. Based on the evidence collected during the investigation, a six-member team headed by Inspector was sent to Delhi. The team tracked down an office that is running the websites and portals for the fraudsters in Dwarka of the National Capital Region and apprehended six accused persons.

Interrogation of apprehended persons revealed information about a call center being run by the accused in Uttam Nagar of New Delhi and from there, police apprehended three more accused persons. The team returned to Hyderabad and interrogated the accused persons and found that the main gang leader was absconding and started tracking him. On information, one more team consisting of 5 members was sent to Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, and apprehended 7 accused persons.

The Cyberabad Commissionerate requested the public not to believe in the calls claiming to be from RBL bank or any other bank, not to share OTP and card details with anyone, to change the PIN soon after receiving the new credit/debit card following the given instructions and to go through the instructions provided by bankers to claim the reward points and urged them to avoid being defrauded.

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