Hyderabad: In a case that's first of its kind, two persons involved in the manufacture and distribution of low-quality helmets were arrested by the city police.

The police said that Dheeraj Kumar, involved in the manufacture of O2 helmets through Aashirwad Helmets and Accessories, and Anil Kumar, involved in the manufacture of Welfare, Hood, Duro Helmets by Welfare Enterprises, were taken into custody in Ghaziabad and brought to the city. Ten FIRs have been lodged against them.

The action was taken based on the increase in the number of sales, distribution and usage of low-quality and fake helmets in the city, Cyberabad police said. Such helmets provide no protection whatsoever to the riders and hence their manufacture and sale is against the law.

The police said that most of these manufacturing units have been found in and around the National Capital Region, Delhi, where they are made for Rs 100 to Rs 200 and sold at Rs 500. These helmets, which bear no or a fake ISI mark, are made with cheap plastic, fibre, and thermocol materials and can't bear the weight/pressure of the rider in case of an accident.

The police said that it is only a misconception among the public that some helmet is better than no helmet as these types of low-quality helmets provide no protection at all. The officials warned that fines will be levied against any persons seen travelling with these helmets.

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