How a WhatsApp message to Hyd SHE teams saved Karnataka girl from stalker

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  25 Oct 2022 12:30 PM GMT
How a WhatsApp message to Hyd SHE teams saved Karnataka girl from stalker

Hyderabad: A young girl with big dreams moved to Hyderabad from Karnataka. She lived in a hostel and worked part-time to support her family back home while also studying. She befriended a man, 29-year-old Shahid Nawab, at her group studies.

Soon, he started texting her and then started sending abusive messages when she did not respond to his calls. When she made it clear that she was not interested in him, he started misbehaving and blackmailing her and even reached her hostel.

The girl sent a WhatsApp message to the SHE teams and the man was immediately arrested. Shahid was produced before a court and sentenced to undergo five days of imprisonment.

Prankster caught by SHE teams

The SHE teams are always on patrol duty to ensure the safety of women in the city. Little did R. Suresh know that and was busy pranking women and scaring passersby at Ameerpet's SR Nagar area. He was caught red-handed by the SHE teams. The 25-year-old was produced in the court and convicted to three days in jail and a fine was imposed against him.

SHE teams help woman harassed by ex-husband

A 23-year-old divorced woman was being harassed by her ex-husband Manideep. He was calling her and harassing her to speak only with him and no one else. When she changed her phone number he started calling her friends and colleagues to find her whereabouts. He then started coming to her workplace and threatening her. He told her that if she remarried, he would never let her live in peace.

The woman approached the SHE teams' office and requested them to take action against Manideep. He was arrested and sentenced to five days imprisonment.

Possessive lover lands in jail

A woman working at a pharmacy in Hyderabad was good friends with a colleague and had accepted his proposal. But he soon started imposing his ways and setting his rules. He asked her not to speak to anyone other than him, not to step out of the house without his permission, and answer the phone every time he called. He forced her to share screenshots of her call log to monitor if she was talking to anyone else.

Unable to bear his torture, she approached the SHE teams' office and filed a complaint against him. SHE teams immediately caught him and produced him in the court. The accused, 22-year-old Irfan, was sentenced to five days imprisonment.

Approach SHE teams to report any crimes against women. Dial 100 or WhatsApp to 9490616555.

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