Hyderabad couple die by suicide after poisoning two sons

On Saturday afternoon, Satish gave cyanide to his wife and children, tragically causing their deaths

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  26 March 2023 7:14 AM GMT
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Hyderabad: In a tragic incident that occurred in Kandiguda in Hyderabad’s Kushaiguda, a couple poisoned their two children and later died by suicide.

According to the Kushaiguda police, Gade Satish (39) from Nizamabad married Veda (35) from the Daulatabad mandal of Siddipet district in 2012. The couple had two sons—Nishiket (9) and Nihal (5). Satish worked as a software engineer in the city, and the family had been living in Kandiguda for two years. Despite having no financial problems, Satish and Veda were deeply concerned about their children’s health.

Their younger son, Nihal, was born with autism, and recently, their elder son Nishiket fell seriously ill. When Nishiket showed symptoms, doctors diagnosed him with meningitis, causing frequent discharge of pus from his ears and resulting in hearing loss. Despite receiving treatment, Nishiket’s condition did not improve, and the couple was worried about their children’s future.

On Saturday afternoon, Satish gave cyanide to his wife and children, tragically causing their deaths. After confirming their deaths, Satish also consumed the poison and died, the police said. Friends tried to reach Satish, but he did not answer their calls. They went to his house and found the bodies of Veda and the children in one room and Satish collapsed in the next room. The police were informed, and the bodies were taken to Gandhi Hospital for post-mortem.

During the investigation, the police found a letter in the room where Satish died. Veda's father, Srisailam, revealed that the couple was happy but used to get upset over their child’s illness and were worried about their health. The police are currently investigating how the couple obtained cyanide.

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