Hyderabad: Fed up with his illness, patient ends life at NIMS, Panjagutta

56-year-old patient ends his life at NIMS as he was suffering from illness

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  29 Jan 2024 2:30 AM GMT
Hyderabad: Fed up with his illness, patient ends life at NIMS, Panjagutta

Hyderabad: A 56-year-old ailing man ended his life at NIMS, Panjagutta.

He was identified as Achchaiay of Y. Laxmipuram village in Khammam district but was not keeping well for some time. He and his son Gurunadham came to Hyderabad for medical treatment on November 20 last year. Later he was admitted to NIMS, Panjagutta.

On January 19, 2024, NIMS doctors reported that the surgery had been completed, and he would be discharged within 4-5 days. He was then shifted to the IP Ward.

Gurunadham said after dinner around on Saturday, his father went to sleep. He too slept on a chair beside the bed. Around 3:15 am on January 28, Gurunadham noticed that his father was not on the bed.

After searching, he heard some commotion on the ground floor. He saw a security guard and others shouting that someone had jumped from the upper floor. Upon reaching the spot, Gurunadham saw his father being rushed to the emergency ward. At 5:30 am, the doctor declared his father dead.

Despite family members counseling him about his recovery, he succumbed to the stress and ended his life. A case has been registered under section 174 CrPC, and the investigation is underway.

Economic distress and depression

The patient was depressed after learning of his disease but family members counselled him that there was hope for recovery. Doctors state that the support of family members was a good sign and they were surprised to note that he had taken the extreme step. The patient was down with the diagnosis but there were no signs that he would take this extreme step.

Depression is noted in patients who are diagnosed with terminal illness. Often doctors refer them to psychologist for counselling but it is done at later stages when the family members realize that their support and counselling is not helping.

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