Hyderabad: Techie killed at home in Engineers colony; assassin sprinkles chill powder to hoodwink police

Ravikumar, a techie resided with his family

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  9 May 2024 4:44 AM GMT
Hyderabad: Techie killed at home in Engineers colony; assassin sprinkles chill powder to hoodwink police

Hyderabad: A 40-year-old techie was hammered to death at his home under the jurisdiction of Maduranagar police station on Wednesday.

On Wednesday evening, an assailant wielding a hammer barged into the flat of an apartment complex, unleashing a savage attack that claimed the life of Ravikumar, a native of Gampalagudem in Krishna district.

Ravikumar, a software faculty, resided with his family, including his wife Ashwini and their eight-year-old daughter, on the second floor of Engineers' Colony's Fribzi Residency.

The event occurred while Ashwini and her daughter were out for a walk around 4:30 p.m., leaving Ravikumar alone at home. Seizing this opportunity, the assailant, concealed weapon in a bag, walked into the apartment's second floor.

Upon confronting Ravikumar, the assailant viciously assaulted him with the hammer, resulting in fatal injuries. Ravikumar succumbed to his wounds and died on the spot.

Upon their return, Ashwini and her daughter were met with a harrowing scene, discovering Ravikumar lying lifeless in a pool of blood.

Upon receiving the information, Panjagutta ACP Mohankumar and Madhuranagar Inspector Madhusudhan Reddy arrived at the scene and launched the investigation. Evidence collection commenced immediately, with the police meticulously scouring the area for clues.

Adding a disturbing twist to the heinous crime, the assailant deliberately sprinkled chili and turmeric powder at the crime scene, in an attempt to conceal traces of the gruesome act.

CCTV footage captured visuals of the perpetrator carrying a bag, raising suspicions that the hammer used in the attack may have been concealed within.

As the investigation unfolds, police are grappling with pressing questions surrounding the identity of the assailant and the motive behind the brutal murder.

Speculation abounds as to whether Ravikumar harbored any enmity towards others, or if the attack was driven by motives of revenge. The timing of the assailant's entry, coinciding with the absence of Ravikumar's family, adds complexity to the investigation.

Panjagutta ACP Mohankumar affirmed that thorough investigative efforts would uncover the truth behind the murder.

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