In a monstrous act, youth hacked to death at Rajendra Nagar

The brutal murder happened in the middle of the road when people were passing by.

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  11 Jan 2021 7:31 AM GMT
In a monstrous act, youth hacked to death at Rajendra Nagar

Hyderabad: A youth was hacked to death in full public view at Rajendra Nagar in the city.

The brutal murder happened in the middle of the road when people were passing by. Few passersby even filmed the incident on their mobile phones.

Police said Mohammed Khaleel, a resident of MM Pahadi, who is into the real estate business, was chased by three people at 11.30 pm. The accused attacked him with sticks and stones' in full public view.

The video of the brutal murder has now gone viral on social media.

The Cyberabad Police arrested three accused persons who are responsible for killing the deceased Mohammed Khaleel.

The accused Shaik Rasheed is the owner of Garib Nawaz Hotel in MM Pahadi while Mohammed Azmath and Syed Imran work as a chef in the same hotel.

According to police, Shaik Rasheed renovated his hotel just prior to the Covid-19 lockdown and for which he borrowed money from the deceased on interest. In spite of lockdown and closure of his business, the accused was paying the monthly payments to the deceased. The accused similarly has taken money from several such persons and incurred heavy debts due to non-functioning of his hotel business due to Covid-19.

"As he is into severe debts, Shaik Rasheed approached the deceased with a proposal of taking a loan of Rs. 50 Lakhs to clear his debts with other persons for which the deceased insisted him to hand over his hotel for a certain period till repayment is made. The accused refused the proposal for which the deceased insisted for the repayment of the earlier borrowed loan amount. The Shaik Rasheed did not have the capacity of making payment to the deceased and vexed with the attitude of the deceased hatched a plan to eliminate the deceased. He informed his condition to Mohammed Azmath and Syed Imran they accepted to help him in killing the deceased," said the police.

On December 10 night, the accused Shaik Rasheed contacted the deceased at about 11 pm and asked him to come to H.F Convention Function Hall in Rajendra Nagar to take the money.

According to the police, without knowing the ill intention of accused, the deceased reached H.F Convention on his white colour Honda Activa at about 11.15 pm and met with the accused Shaik Rasheed. While they both were discussing the accused Mohammed Azmath and Syed Imran holding the wooden stick and knife attacked the deceased from behind, due to which he tried to ran away.

Meanwhile, the accused Shaik Rasheed took a cement block from the auto and hit the deceased on his head due to severe injury he has fallen on the road and immediately all the three accused indiscriminately bashed on the head of the deceased sticks and cement block, in such a way the wooden stick and cement block broken into pieces due to which the deceased died on the spot.

After the offence the accused fled away on the Honda Activa of the deceased and went to Jalpally where they changed their clothes and threw the blood-stained clothes near AG College Campus.

Upon credible information the accused apprehended within no time and upon interrogation, they confessed to have committed this offence and accordingly seized the blood stained apparels of the accused, Honda Activa of the deceased, and auto which was used in the commission of the offence.

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